Who is App-Bike for?

App-Bike is the complete bike sharing solution for municipalities, universities, businesses, land-owners, developers, hotels, and leisure resorts. In fact anyone who wants an effective and low cost bike sharing solution.

What is App-Bike?

App-Bike is the smart bike sharing solution for all. We have taken the technology out of docking stations and put it into a simpler smart lock and mobile app, together with a beacon that can create a virtual hub anywhere.

This means that App-Bike can be installed using existing cycle parking, without the need for additional complex infrastructure. The user can access bikes and information directly through their smartphone, which sends back real time data to our back office management software, so the system is constantly updated with users, bikes and availability.

App-Bike offers the most flexible and adaptable bike sharing solution on the market. Our system is user friendly, reliable, secure, scalable and importantly can be self-sustainable. It can be implemented with or without the need for additional infrastructure.

Why App-Bike?

Flexibility – Our system can be designed to your requirements. Virtual hubs can be installed within minutes making it great for events or short term projects or just for re-locating hubs as necessary. Our smart locks can be used on almost any type of bike including E-bikes, Cargo Bikes, Tricycles and even specially adapted bikes. Now bike sharing can be fully inclusive.

Reliable – At App-Bike we like to keep things simple, and by doing so our system is robust, reliable and stable. Not only that but our team manage and operate the whole scheme you which frees up your resources.

Low Cost – App-Bike is a very cost effective bike sharing solution. Capital start up cost are a significantly lower than that of docking station based systems, allowing your system to have more bikes faster. In many cases there are no further on-going operational costs meaning the system becomes self-sustainable.

Adaptable – As your needs change or develop, App-Bike can adapt to. We can offer integration through API with other user based systems and introduce to your scheme different style bikes and membership levels to enhance the user experience

Please visit our dedicated App-Bike website for more information or please contact us.